Mayan Experience Tour

The most authentic experience in Costa Maya!


Duration 5.5 Hours

Difficulty Easy Easy

Rating 5 Stars

$75USD Ages 13+

$65USD Ages 6-12

$0USD Ages 5-

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Mayan Experience Tour

Share our passion for culture and history in this five and a half hour interactive experience that will immerse you in a journey from the past at Chacchoben Ruins to the world of present day Maya descendants at Chacchoben Village.

Witness daily life and celebrate the colorful culture of the modern Maya as it unfolds right before your eyes. Learn the secrets behind the prefect tortilla in a one-on-one tortilla lesson, learn about traditional home remedies, savor a traditional Maya meal, make new friends and see the world through the eyes of a Maya.

The Mayan Experience Tour includes the Chacchoben Maya Ruins Tour, plus a visit to Chacchoben Village where you'll be hosted by a local family for a personal interaction at their home.

No visit to a Maya home is complete without a meal. The highlight of this experience is a tasty lunch cooked with local spices and fresh ingredients specially for the occasion. We guarantee an authentic meal with traditional flavors tourists simply can't have anywhere else in Costa Maya.


Mayan Experience Tour summary

Rate definitions: Adult: Ages 13 years old or older: $75.00USD
Child: Ages 6 to 12 years old: $65.00USD
Infant: Ages 5 years old or under: Free!

Inclusions: Round trip transportation in air conditioned vehicles, travel insurance, English speaking guide, entrance tickets, guided tour at Chacchoben Ruins, bottled water. It also includes a visit to Chacchoben Village, interaction with a local Mayan family at their home and a Maya lunch.

Duration: 5.5 Hours

Departure times (cruise ship guests): Daily, one hour after ship docks. Tour departures are adapted according to your ship's schedule.

Departure location: The Native Choice Office, four blocks from the Costa Maya Port. Email confirmation will include easy to follow directions and a map.

Deposit: $15.00USD per person required to confirm spaces for this tour.
Deposit is fully refundable if for any reason cruise ship doesn't call port at all in Costa Maya.

Cancellation policy: 48 hrs before the tour to avoid a $15.00USD per person penalty.

Restrictions: This tour is better appreciated by children ages 6 y/o and older.
There's a $5.00USD copyright fee (not included in the tour price) for the use of video cameras at Chacchoben, this fee is paid directly at the site.
Tripods aren't allowed at the ruins site.

Recommendations: Wear comfortable walking shoes, bring a hat and sun screen if you visit during the summer. Ensure your camera's battery is charged and you that have space for pictures in your memory card. Bring extra cash for shopping, credit cards aren't accepted at Chacchoben.


Mayan Experience Tour timetable

This tour is completed in 5.5 Hours.
Departure time is one hour after cruise ship's arrival time.

  • 50min - Travel time Costa Maya to Chacchoben Ruins
  • 10min - Break to use facilities at Chacchoben
  • 1hr 30min - Tour of the Chacchoben Ruins
  • 20min - Travel time Chacchoben Ruins to Chacchoben village
  • 1hr 50min Interaction with a Maya family and lunch
  • 50min - Travel time Chacchoben village to Costa Maya

Mayan Experience Tour info

The ride from Chacchoben Ruins to Chacchoben Village takes approximately 15-20 minutes. On our way we cross Lazaro Cardenas town (not a Maya community!). The road is narrow and we recommend to enjoy the ride since the experience starts when you see the people walking on the sides of the road with their loads of corn or firewood. Have your camera ready as we may find something interesting on our way.

Lunch will consist of only traditional Maya dishes, cooked with local spices and ingredients. The recipes will be explained during your visit and you'll also have the opportunity to see and taste the ingredients and spices added to your meal. Expect a meal way beyond tacos, quesadillas and what's usually offered to tourists as Mexican food, we offer our guests the authentic flavors of the Yucatan.

The Maya diet is based mainly in vegetables but for this special occasion you'll find chicken or turkey. If you don't eat meat, let us know ahead of time and we'll have something that suits your needs, please be as specific as possible and let us know if fish and/or dairy products are acceptable.

We're also able to accommodate guests with special diets. The Maya diet doesn't regularly include wheat, barley or rye. If anyone in your party is allergic to nuts, crustaceans or gluten, just let us know, we can accommodate your needs.

Food safety is one of top priorities for this excursion. Families hosting tourists at their homes received extensive training on how to cook and handle food safely. They're also recertified by the health department every three months. The food included in this excursion is perfectly safe and the ingredients used are fresh and available for you to see and taste. We use only purified water and ice.

There aren't places where they sell crafts to the visitors at the village. All pieces produced are taken to the ruins for sale, however, don't be surprised if you find a small collection of pieces at the home you're visiting.

Please don't hesitate to contact us in case you need any further details or if you need any kind of assistance. It will be our pleasure to help you!