Info about Costa Maya

Take a moment to read some interesting and useful information about Costa Maya. As usual, don't hesitate to contact us should you have questions.

Some useful INFO about Costa Maya



Costa Maya is in the Central time zone and observes daylight saving time according to the U.S. schedule.

Average temperature in Costa Maya is 75-85 °F. Around December-February, Costa Maya lives its "winter time". During these days temperatures can go down to 60 °F.

Rainy season starts in late May and ends in early November. During September-October Costa Maya faces the risk of hurricanes.

Costa Maya receives an approximate of 60-70 inches of rain per year.



In case you are a visitor from the United States, keep in mind that we use a different metric system in Mexico.

If you are driving all signs you will find on your way will be expressing distances in Kilometers instead of Miles. 1 Kilometer = 0.62 Miles.

Temperatures are expressed in degrees Celsius instead of degrees Fahrenheit. 1 °C = 33.8 °F.



Currency in Mexico is the "Mexican Peso". However US Dollars are accepted practically everywhere. The exchange rate varies a few cents every once in a while. For most operations everywhere in Costa Maya the exchange rate is $12.00 Pesos for $1.00 US Dollar.

You can get the best exchange rates directly at the banks. Currently there are no banks in Costa Maya. There is an ATM at the gas station, and one more in Mahahual town.

Credit Cards are accepted only at the shops inside the Costa Maya Port. If you leave the port or if you are staying at a hotel in the area make sure you have cash (in small denominations) since Travel Checks, are not widely accepted.

If you are arriving to Costa Maya by land, it is recommended that you exchange your Dollars or Euros at any bank (could be in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum or Carrillo Puerto) before you get to Costa Maya.



As in the rest of Mexico electricity standard in Costa Maya is 110 Volts. If you are planning to bring devices that use 220 Volts, you may consider bringing your own adapters as it is likely that you will not find one in Costa Maya.

In Mahahual, there are a few "Telmex" public phones on the street. These phones work with prepaid calling cards that you can easily find in town.

For the moment not all hotels in Costa Maya offer internet access. If you are staying in Mahahual, you can find a couple of internet cafes where you can get the service.

For the moment there are no hospitals in Costa Maya. Both Mahahual and Xcalak have “Health Centers” (clinics) where you can find a Doctor and a Nurse. They can help you with the very basic medical attention. The closest hospital for specialized medical attention is in Chetumal.

Just in case you arrived by land and decided to rent a car and drive, Costa Maya has now a gas station however, it is common that they run out of gas every once in while. So it is recommended to spend a few minutes when you pass by the gas station and make sure you fill your tank. As of October 2012 gas prices are as follows: Magna (Regular) is $10.18 Pesos per Liter. Premium is $10.58 Pesos per Liter.



Costa Maya is a safe place where everyone is friendly and likes to see tourists around.

In Mahahual Village there is a police station and it is common to see two officers riding their motorcycles through the village just trying not to get bored.



If you are driving it is likely that you will get to pass a military check point.

You will see the signs in both, Spanish and in English, indicating that you have to stop. Do not be afraid, they are friendly and polite people helping police control illegal activities such as traffic of drugs and weapons.

They can ask you a couple of questions or they could ask you to get off your car so they can take a quick look inside and make sure there is nothing wrong.

On the road to and from Costa Maya there is a permanent military check point where they check vehicles randomly.



Possession of drugs and weapons in Mexico is considered illegal. Marijuana, cocaine, crack, and others are illegal. The possession, purchase, sale or distribution would cause you serious difficulties including a 15 year sentence in a Mexican jail.



Legal drinking age in Mexico is 18 years of age. Don't be fooled by anyone who tells you that you are legally able to drink as long as you can hold the bottle with style.