Mayan Experience Tour Our signature Costa Maya Excursion

Immerse yourself in a journey from the glorious past of the Maya civilization at Chacchoben Ruins to the world of present day Maya descendants at Chacchoben Village.

Experience the Maya culture through a personal interaction with a local family at their home. Learn about traditional Maya life, savor an authentic meal, make new friends and celebrate Maya culture as it unfolds right before your eyes.

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Great Costa Maya Excursions From the native experts


The Native Choice is the first tour operator providing Costa Maya excursions for cruise ship guests looking for great adventures. Our Costa Maya excursions combine culture, adventure, personal service and the insight only natives can bring to a site.

We offer authentic experiences in Costa Maya, excursions to all the ruin sites acessible from the port of Costa Maya, tours that will immerse you into the world of the modern Maya through a personal interaction in a Maya home and fun adventures at the spectacular Seven Color Lagoon.

Reserving any of our Costa Maya tours is the first step to an enjoyable and authentic experience!

What makes our Costa Maya excursions different?

These are a few reasons why our Costa Maya excursions outstand from the rest:

  • We are proudly natives and very passionate about preserving and transmitting our cultural heritage.
  • While the others learn about our culture from books, we have simply learnt how to transmit our life experiences so you can see the world through the eyes of a Maya.
  • We organize small groups.
  • Our Costa Maya excursions are adapted to fit your times in port.
  • If for any reason your cruise ship doesn't call port in Costa Maya, excursion deposits are fully refundable.

More Costa Maya Tours For cruise ship guests

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Maya BallGame

Costa Maya Ballgame Tour

Join us in a magical journey as young Maya descendants re-enact the ancient Maya Ballgame, a ritual once reserved for the great Maya Kings. Music and dances complete our celebration of the glorious days of the Maya civilization.

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